Welcome to EXOLO

The small fitness center with the big heart


EXOLO is a fitness center with 3 floors. The 3rd floor contains the fitness room with strength-equipment and free-weights, the 2nd floor has a group- and single session room, and the 1st floor has a spinning room, wardrobes and our reception.

Group sessions

EXOLO offers a lot of different group sessions. You can read more about them here: https://exolo.no/tilbud/gruppetimer/


Our main memberships are:

  • Membership WITH group sessions (full package) for 525,- each month (bound for 12 months).
  • Membership WITOUT group sessions (only individual training) for 425,- each month (bound for 12 months).
  • Student membership (WITH group sessions) for 450,- each month (bound for 12 months). Valid student card is required.
  • Exolo Pluss (from 62 years old/ WITH group sessions) for 475,- each month (bound for 12 months). Valid id card is required.
  • Exolo Family (WITH group sessions) 450,- each month (bound for 12 months). – Restriction 1: only if two or more family members sign a contract (mother, father, child under 25 years old, or you are married/partners. Restriction 2: both must live at the same address AND/OR have one main payer for both/all memberships.

Other memberships

  • Membership (WITH group sessions) but not bound, 600,- per month.
  • 1 week: 350,-
  • Drop-in: 200,-

You can buy your membership online here or drop by our reception during our staffed opening hours.

Membership key

When you sign a membership we recommend you to buy a EXOLO-key (one-time payment 300,-). The key is your access key when the reception is unstaffed, your personal training diary, your key to the wardrobe locker, and the key you use to register each time you visit Exolo and/or join a group session. When you sign a membership where you are bound for 12 months, you also get one free session with a Personal Trainer who will show you how the key works, and how you can register your training at the strength-equipment and wellness system.

Staffed openings hours

See bottom of the page.

Please note that our staffed opening hours may change during summer and holidays.

If you have bought the Wellness key you can enter EXOLO at all hours between 06.00 A.M and 23.59 P.M.

Personal Trainers

If you want to learn more about training and/or take the training to the next level, we recommend you buy some sessions with a Personal Trainer (PT). The PT will customize an individual program based on your goals and personal wishes. For prices and information, you can read more on this page: https://exolo.no/tilbud/personlig-trening/.


For further information please do not hesitate to contact us.
See contact information on the bottom of the page.



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